Creating with AI— A Never-ending Stories on Machines and Human Creativity

2021 WORKS

Nao Tokui “Creating with AI— A Never-ending Stories on Machines and Human Creativity” (創るためのAI 機械と創造性のはてしない物語) (BNN) (in Japanese)

<<Okawa Publication Prize 2021 Winner>>

English translation is coming in 2022.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Can AI Be An Artist?
1.1 What is AI? –– Making is understanding
1.2 Pictures drawn ‘by’ AI
1.3 AI cannot become an artist
1.4 AI is more than a tool

Chapter 2 The Library of Babel –– The essence of creativity through AI
2.1 Creation and The Library of Babel
2.2 Definition of creativity as seen from a computer
2.3 Text generation by AI — Burroughs, Bowie, and GPT-3
2.4 AI and music-score, performance, sound generation
2.5 Is it true that “machines do not produce anything”? –– 19th century AI
2.6 Evolution and Creativity-The Genetic Library of Babel
2.7 For AI itself to gain creativity

Chapter 3: A history of AI, Simulacra, and simulation
3.1 AI Hibari Misora and Impressionism
3.2 Edison’s Turing Test
3.3 Photography and Impressionism — Imitation is more than flattery
3.4 A failure to replicate changed music
3.5 Early AI art — a painter whose creation was a machine to replicate himself

Chapter 4 AI Aesthetics — The Impact of AI on Expression
4.1 The Peacock’s Tail –– AI-based optimization pitfalls
4.2 J-POP by Sinatra — The disappearance of embodiment
4.3 Between production and consumption — a world beyond “artifacts”

Chapter 5 Tips for creatively interacting with AI
5.1 Connecting the seemingly unrelated
5.2 Producing the uncanny
5.3 Embracing heterogeneity
5.4 Converting value by mistake
5.5 Tips for creatively interacting with AI

Conclusion: The future of AI and creativity
AI and Surfing